Dear JOF Family,


This page will be used to provide current updates on the pastoral search process.  The goal and mission of the pastoral search committee is to prayerfully search and identify the most suitable pastoral candidate to lead Journey of Faith into its next season of growth.  With that goal in mind, different members within each ministry are selected to represent a cross section of the church.  Current committee members include:


  • Sang Kim (Pastoral Leadership, Worship, Admin)

  • Jihoon Yi (Women's Group)

  • Phil Han (Men's Group, Deaconboard)

  • Julia Lee (Next Generation)



JOF Pastoral Search Process

Current Updates:


  • 01/10/21 - New PSC formed
  • 11/08/20 - The candidate did not reach the 2/3 majority approval by leaders.  Search process will resume. 
  • 10/23/20 - The new candidate is scheduled to have 3rd round interview on 11/08
  • 10/01/20 - The new candidate is scheduled to have 2nd round interview on 10/11
  • 9/16/20 - PSC conducted 1st round interview with a new candidate
  • 8/30/20 - PSC consulted with pastor Alex Gonzalez (SBC church relations representative) on current process
  • 8/6/20 - Current candidate withdrew his application.
  • Current candidate to have 2nd round interview on 8/5/20.
  • 7/18/20 - Current candidate successfully moved on to the 2nd round interview.
  • 7/8/20 - PSC met and discussed about upcoming 1st round interview with a potential candidate on 7/12, as well as other agenda items.  
  • 7/1/20 - The Pastoral Search Committee (henceforth shortened to PSC) has been restructured to admit new members.


We thank you for your patience in this process of major transition for our church.  Please contact pastor Sang if you have any further questions or concerns.