Dear JOF Family,


This page will be used to provide current updates on the pastoral search process.  The goal and mission of the pastoral search committee is to prayerfully search and identify the most suitable pastoral candidate to lead Journey of Faith into its next season of growth.  With that goal in mind, different members within each ministry are selected to represent a cross section of the church.  Current committee members include:


  • Sang Kim (Pastoral Leadership, Worship, Admin)

  • Jihoon Yi (Women's Group)

  • Phil Han (Men's Group, Deaconboard)

  • Julia Lee (Next Generation)



JOF Pastoral Search Process

Current Updates:


  • 02/27/22 - The pastoral candidate is confirmed by the congregation and has accepted the call!
  • 02/13/22 - A pastoral candidate has reached the final congregational voting stage
  • 01/10/21 - New PSC formed



We thank you for your patience in this process of major transition for our church.  Please contact pastor Sang if you have any further questions or concerns.